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Learn Italian in Italy with Linguaviva schools - Italian language courses in Florence, Milan, Sicily Learn Italian in Italy with our Italian language schools in Florence, Milan and Sicily
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A leading organization for language and educational training in Italy

Our extensive range of Italian programmes has been designed to ensure that the specific needs of each individual are met: general Italian and Italian for business, internship experience, academic studies in Italy, optional art courses, vocational programmes in fine arts, design, culinary arts and a residential summer programme for juniors by the sea. Learn Italian in Italy is the best choice.

MARCO POLO and TURANDOT project for Chinese students: MORE INFO


Learn Italian in Florence Learn Italian in Florence, in a friendly and thoroughly enjoyable atmosphere.

Learn Italian in Milan Not only the economic capital of Italy but also of culture, fashion, design and technology.

Lignano summer school Residential Italian language courses combined with sport and creative leisure activities for juniors aged 12 - 18 years.
Learn to speak Italian language and enjoy yourself.
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Italian University Preparation with our italian language schools in Florence and Milan
Italian University Preparation with our italian language schools  in Florence and Milan
For international students who want to study at an Italian University and who must pass an entrance exam.
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